Make Corn Milk at Home

Forget about milking a cow, milk some corn on the cob instead. And no, I’m seriously not kidding. Ever heard of corn milk?

If this is your first time hearing of it, it may seem strange at first and somewhat of an acquired taste, but it’s almost a guarantee that this delicious drink will enter your favorites list rather quickly. A hugely popular hit in Asia and South America, corn milk is sweetened juice freshly produced from raw kernels of corn. Usually a healthier alternative to cow’s milk, corn milk is filled with a load of health benefits, such as nourishing the lower digestive tract and serving as a great source of fiber. It doesn’t just end there, this power packed juice also has health supportive antioxidants that can naturally be found in all types of corn such as in white and yellow corn, as well as in blue and purple corn.

Ever since the first harvest of corn by the Native Americans, the popularity of using corn in many types of food have spread across the globe. The creation of corn milk became especially popular in Asia and South America, with honey and cinnamon typically mixed with corn’s milk, to create sweet and creamy smoothies and milkshakes.

So how exactly do you milk corn on the cob you ask? Well, it’s a lot easier than milking a cow for sure. Don’t worry, I’m not going to arouse your craving for corn milk without providing you with the magic method to make it all happen. Milking the corn is one of the most important parts to amazing corn milk, if not the most important.



-First, wash and peel the corn, then boil the corn in a large pot of water. After letting it simmer for 5 minutes, let it cool down, then place the narrow end of the corn into the hole of a bundt pan, making sure to shove it in so that it keeps its place.

-Grab a knife and cut the kernels off but make sure to not cut off all the kernels, leaving part of the kernels on the cob is the key to getting some good corn milk.

-Keep on going until only the cob and a tiny portion of the kernels are left.

-See that white stuff on the knife? That’s the good stuff, the tasty corn milk that you’re looking for.

-Pressing gently, slowly slide your knife up the corn cob, just like that, you’re milking the corn. Keep on going until you’ve got all the corn milk that you need.

Big tip to keep in mind, moving your knife upward, produces less splatter, whereas the dull side of your knife also works like a charm. To be honest, milking corn is anything but graceful, it’s going to be a pretty big mess. But that’s what makes it fun, and the delicious glasses of corn milk you’ll have after will make it all completely worth it.

No matter how messy it is, when it comes down to it, it’s still a while lot easier than milking a cow after all, and I’m sure the cows would greatly appreciate it.

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